AMACO Ceramic Products & Equipment

AMACO Ceramic Products & Equipment

AMACO (American Art Clay Company) makes 600 lead-free glazes, 11 talc-free moist clay bodies, 4 talc-free modeling clays and 23 UL Listed AMACO/Excel Kilns the world’s best-selling Brent potter’s wheel. We're proud to present to you here products from this industry leader in safe engineering for ceramic products and equipment.

NO OTHER KILN MANUFACTURER CAN MAKE THESE OFFERS! American Art Clay Co., Inc. offers two types of kilns: square or rectangular (Amaco) and round (Excel). Each is made from the highest quality materials and each has been designed to be the best kiln on the market today.

Amaco square kilns offer:
  • Superior insulation - lowest surface temperature makes Amaco kilns the safest for school use
  • The strongest, longest-lasting elements
  • Excellent value - many Amaco kilns built 25+ years ago are still in service!
    Excel round kilns offer:
  • Quality components at an economical price
  • Modular design
  • Premium refractory firebrick
  • Reversible slabs to extend the life of the kiln
    You'll also find valuable kiln accessories in this section including venting systems, furniture, temperature and firing control equipment, replacement elements, shelves and supports.

    Craft Trends Article about AMACO
    Excepted from an article by Carol Zentgraf for CraftTrends 2004

    Not many companies can say that they’ve been in business for more than [87 years]–and almost anyone would agree that such [longevity] is a pretty remarkable event. American Art Clay Company, Inc. (AMACO) is proud to claim this distinction, celebrating with a new building, new products and an optimistic outlook for the next [87] years. In 2004, AMACO moved to new facilities with 50% more space than their former building. It was no small task to move a company of this size… it took 120 trailers to transport inventory, furniture and equipment form the old building to their new location.

    Located on 14 acres in Indianapolis, Indiana, their new home is impressive, with a main building and two exterior buildings equaling over 200,000 square feet. 170 people are employed in the facility, which manufactures many of the company’s AMACO® and Brent® products and even includes an art gallery and the AMACO® Historical Exhibition of Art Deco pieces. Visitors to the company can also enjoy viewing photos from the former “AMACO® Zoo,” created when founder Ted O. Philpott brought back live animals from Africa and India to supplement the dozens of trophies mounted on the walls in the old office. Upon Mr. Philpott’s death in 1966, the animals were donated to the fledgling Indianapolis Zoo and were a major contribution to the growth of the zoo, now located in White River State Park in downtown Indianapolis. Many people still fondly remember field trips to the AMACO® plant and zoo from their childhood.

    Shipping and receiving capabilities at the new facility are also significantly increased over the former location. As a company that utilizes all the major international carriers to ship products to distributors world-wide, the availability of 23 docks, compared to seven at the former building, and a larger staging area greatly increase efficiency. Newly installed computerized UPS and Fed-Ex systems provide efficient and accurate tracking of shipments.


    About AMACO

    A Series of Firsts
    Amaco® manufactured the first American made modeling clay called Permoplast® and sold it to the Woolworth’s chain to become a national manufacturer in 1919.
    Amaco® manufactured the first electric kiln for school and studio use in 1934.
    Amaco® manufactured the first lead free ceramic glazes in 1951.
    Amaco® manufactured the first potter’s wheel designed for the disabled in 1982.

    Amaco® is one of the oldest crafts materials manufacturers in the US and is considered the largest manufacturer of ceramic supplies and equipment for schools and studios.

    Craft Products
    The Amaco® catalog features over 50 different craft products with an extensive line of polymer clay materials and tools, an innovative soft metals program, and modeling materials some of which have become classics that have sold in craft and school supply stores for over a half a century. Dozens of additional products are sold to support use of the feature lines.

    What Makes Amaco® Different
    In addition to pioneering craft product and development, Amaco® manufactures nearly 100 other products for art education including ceramic and glass kilns, potter’s wheels including the top selling line of Amaco/Brent®, and Amaco® Clays and Glazes for home, studio and school use. Nearly every school child in America has used an Amaco® product at some time between pre-school and college. That claim has been true for over half a century as Amaco® has been “Modeling Imagination Since 1919.”

    Amaco® relocated its Indianapolis headquarters in 2004 from its 75-year old former factory, located across the street from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The new 220,000 square foot manufacturing/warehousing facility was designed to have enough inventory and product flow to service individual and large wholesale/retail customers to respond to changing markets and get products to market on time.