Silentaire Air Intake Filter Elements pack of 4

Protect and potentially extend the life of your Silentaire compressor with this pack of four air intake filters designed specifically for Silentaire products. 
Item Code: ST-C0011-1

Mfg List: $12.80
Sale Price: $11.99
You Save: $0.81 (6%)

Product Description:

This convenient Silentaire air intake filter pack of four provides an affordable way to keep your Silentaire compressor operating efficiently, quietly and effectively. Silentair recommends you only use its brand of replacement air intake filters for its units. Depending on individual use, this pack of four filters could last months or more. Filters are easy to replace simply by unplugging the compressor, pulling out the old filter and replacing. Air filters are a critical component in the proper maintenance of your Silentaire compressor and in extending its lifespan. This product helps ensure there is always a backup available when needed. It is also an affordable option to purchasing them individually. This product requires oversize shipping at a cost of $14.95. 

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