Winsor & Newton GALERIA acrylics series (60ml - 2oz) Colors

Winsor & Newton GALERIA acrylics series (60ml - 2oz) Colors Individual 2-oz. tubes.

Winsor & Newton GALERIA acrylics series (60ml - 2oz) Colors are an affordable, yet professional series of acrylic paints for artists by Winsor & Newton.

With strong pigmentation, a tube will last and last for years!

Color Name List PriceSale PriceSaveQuantityAdd
W&N Galeria Acrylics (60ml - 2oz) - ALL OUR COLORS - 16 TUBES $65.00 $40.44($24.56, 38%)
W&N Galeria Acrylics (60ml - 2oz) - BURNT SIENNA $3.85 $2.39($1.46, 38%)
W&N Galeria Acrylics (60ml - 2oz) - BURNT UMBER $3.85 $2.39($1.46, 38%)
W&N Galeria Acrylics (60ml - 2oz) - CADMIUM RED MED $5.55$3.49($2.06, 37%)
W&N Galeria Acrylics (60ml - 2oz) - CADMIUM YELLOW MED $5.55$3.49($2.06, 37%)
W&N Galeria Acrylics (60ml - 2oz) - CERULEAN BLUE HUE $3.85 $2.39($1.46, 38%)
W&N Galeria Acrylics (60ml - 2oz) - COBALT BLUE HUE $3.85 $2.39($1.46, 38%)
W&N Galeria Acrylics (60ml - 2oz) - CRIMSON $3.85$2.39($1.46, 38%)
W&N Galeria Acrylics (60ml - 2oz) - HOOKERS GREEN $3.85$2.39($1.46, 38%)
W&N Galeria Acrylics (60ml - 2oz) - IVORY BLACK $3.85$2.39($1.46, 38%)
W&N Galeria Acrylics (60ml - 2oz) - LEMON YELLOW $3.85 $2.39($1.46, 38%)
W&N Galeria Acrylics (60ml - 2oz) - MARS BLACK $3.85$2.39($1.46, 38%)
W&N Galeria Acrylics (60ml - 2oz)- PERMANENT GREEN LT $3.85 $2.39($1.46, 38%)
W&N Galeria Acrylics (60ml - 2oz) - PERMANENT ROSE $3.85$2.39($1.46, 38%)
W&N Galeria Acrylics (60ml - 2oz) - SAP GREEN $3.85 $2.39($1.46, 38%)
W&N Galeria Acrylics (60ml - 2oz) - TITANIUM WHITE $3.85 $2.39 ($1.46, 38%)
W&N Galeria Acrylics (60ml - 2oz) - ULTRAMARINE $3.85 $2.39 ($1.46, 38%)



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Range Introduction

Galeria Acrylic Colour is a high quality acrylic which delivers professional results and is ideal for artists who want good quality color at an affordable price.

All colors in the Galeria acrylic range offer a wide spectrum of pigment characteristics to choose from as well as excellent brilliance of colour, strong brush stroke retention, clean colour mixing and high permanence.

Galeria has a smooth, free-flowing consistency making it easy for the artist to use and mix, whilst maintaining its body and retaining brush marks.

Brush Stroke Retention

In comparison to oil, acrylics generally have less ‘body'. We've worked hard to achieve a good buttery consistency for quick and easy coverage with Galeria but we've made sure that the brush marks you make stay there.

Brush stroke retention for Galeria

Satin Finish

Winsor & newton research has found that most acrylic artists prefer an even satin finish and the improved formulations provide this with excellent depth of colour, makeing colour matching easier from wet to dry. Matt or gloss finsihes can easily be obtained by adding the appropriate Galeria medium.

Drying Times

Thin films of color will dry in 10-20 minutes, thicker films can take an hour or more.


As permanence is especially important in acrylic colour, we ensure all Galeria acrylic colours are rated AA or A (except Opera Rose*), ensuring the whole range is recommended as ‘Permanent for artists' use'.

*Opera Rose is a B rating; however it has the highest lightfastness rating within its own pigment category. The unique brightness of this pigment is important despite its B rating.

Pigment Strength and Purity

Galeria enjoys a good to high level of pigmentation, which gives artists from beginner to professional a good correlation to artists' acrylics, making it easier in the transition to artists' grade when a wider choice and even higher pigment strength is needed.

Although Galeria is sometimes referred to as ‘student grade' the high levels of pigment deliver professional results with significantly better covering power than many similarly priced brands.


Galeria Acrylic Colours have been chosen to offer a wide and balanced spectrum of 50 bright and vibrant colours, giving the artist excellent choice and the ability to select a palette that best suits their work. Each colour has been specially selected by looking at individual pigment characteristics in both mass and undertone such as hue, colour bias, purity, brightness, transparency, tinting strength and stability.

A number of tints (colour plus white) across the spectrum have also been introduced. These ready mixed colours are perfect for use straight from the tube and enable the artist to select and apply the colour quickly and easily.


Acrylic colour is becoming increasingly popular because it is so versatile. It can be used on the widest variety of surfaces, (providing they are grease free and properly prepared); paper, canvas, hardboard, timber, sculpture, brickwork and plaster - so you can use it whatever your painting style.

It can be applied both thinly and thickly and at any dilution in between and is easy to use and clean up. Galeria ensures the artist has an acrylic with the best all round handling characteristics and performance at an affordable price.

Galeria, can be used straight form the tube/ pot or thinned or thickened with a medium or water. This variety in consistency makes Galeria suitable for both oil and water colour techniques.

Easy Dilution

During the last decade we've been able to build upon the wider choice of raw materials and produce for Galeria a buttery consistency that will continue to reduce generally as water is added.

You can easily expreience this by diluting Galeria witha soft brush rather than a bristle brush.

Covering Power and Opacity

Covering power is the ability of a pigment to a) go a long way or b) cover previous layers. This characteristic is a combination of the natural strength of the pigment, the quantity used and its degree of inherent opacity. For maximum covering power, choose the Galeria colours rated Opaque (marked O or )or Semi Opaque (marked SO or .)

In Galeria there are different degrees of covering power from different colours, as some pigments are naturally more transparent. This is only right - a range which concentrates on one characteristic above all others would prevent it from being used in other techniques.

The transparent colours are marked or T, and the semi-transparent colours are marked or ST. Transparency however is relative and the ratings are provided as a guide only. in addition, any thin film of colour will appear more transparent than a thicker one.