SAWTRAX 5' wide frame (Varsity Pkg)

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Product Description:
SAWTRAX Varsity Package - 5' wide frame

Varsity Pkg - Standard Equipment, Folding Stand & Wheels, Stop, Bar &
Measuring Tapes, Dual Rip Gauge, Dust Brush.

We created the Varsity Package for two reasons. First, we felt it would be the basic package that our customers would want and need. Secondly, it made it easier to compare our panel saws with other panel saws in the market place in an apples to apples comparison. It is available on all frame sizes.
The Varsity Package includes the Folding Stand and Wheels to move the frame Stop, Bar and Measuring Tapes Dual Rip Pointers with Tape
Dust Brush under the saw insert.

SAWTRAX Varsity Package - 5' wide frame
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