2-Station Metal Workbench - LB-6A

This 2-Station Metal Workbench is ready to give you plenty of room for whatever you find yourself working on.
Item Code: SH-MWB-6A

Mfg List: $1,333.00
Sale Price: $1,159.99
You Save: $173.01 (13%)

Product Description:

Regardless of what you are working on, whether it be an art project or any other type of workshop endeavor, you need plenty of room to work, not to mention places to store everything you need to work with, close at hand.  This 2-station metal workbench is outfit to meet all of your work requirements and then some.  Not only is it built with rugged stainless steel from top to bottom, but it's also finished with satin polished to make it a pleasure to work with.  The stainless steel top is easy to work with and keep clean while you work.  Its brushed finished can be cleaned easily with little or not elbow grease.  It's also heavy duty with a load capacity of 900 lbs, so it's not likely to take a dive on you while you work.  There's even a shelf underneath where you can keep all of your tools and whatever else you're not working on at the moment.

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