SAWTRAX 220v Bosch Saw Upgrade

The SAWTRAX 220v Bosch Saw Upgrade augments a workshop's cutting capability to a high-quality professional level, which comes out in projects and finishing.
Item Code: SAW-220BS

Mfg List: $40.00
Sale Price: $29.99
You Save: $10.01 (25%)

Product Description:

Automated saws can be powerful, efficient tools, but the saw mechanism needs to be top quality and durable, especially when the unit will be used on a regular basis. Even with wood on metal, the friction can eventually dull blades, reducing the mechanism's effectiveness. That in turn produces bad cuts and lower quality product. However, with the SAWTRAX 220v Bosch Saw Upgrade your workroom's cutting power is augmented, and the wood cut product is kept at a high quality level with every run. That creates far better experiences and fabrication, and it also helps reduce the frustration and material loss that occurs with mistakes, less than sharp edging, and variance from basic hand tool cutters.

Due to the size of the item, the transport will be handled by freight (Oversize Shipping: $227.95).

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